I think my main skill is creating characters and sceneries in various styles.

I can easily connect to any kind of ideas that already contains a vision, the success mostly depends on how open the creative process is. I’m good in understanding what a concept is based on, I often giving advices, or exact ways that can be efficient.

I’ve studied anatomy and art history for more than 10 years and also I’m a teacher of art and media studies. I’m a huge fan of digital Illustration, but I like traditional techniques as well. These days a visual artist must be a versatile ‘tool’, it’s useful to have a wide perspective on different approaches of a content.

I think the designer’s job is a supporting role. I always like to be part of a bigger picture, like other creative process, this is why I’m glad to have long time partnerships with enthusiastic bands, and artists. The brand identity or story gets a deeper meaning with artistic goals involved.

My favourite projects are the ones filled with passion and dreams. Whatever the job is – If the client is devoted to the case, it inspires me a lot.

I can draw or design, all I need is a brief based on your dreams, some time and creative freedom to make it come to life.


I like it when I have freedom to create a whole world around a brand or message.

From an album cover to a corporate branding I usually create key-visuals that can help to communicate the main concept and feel on every medium. I’ve worked on several different final products from vinyls and prints to online ads. But it’s not the medium that counts. Nor the style. Though I can draw in various styles, I belive that all content has an optimal visual form, but the main part of my job is to find inspiration, and form the whole thing in a very natural way. Style alone is just the outfit, the trick is to feel which one fits the best, the one that makes it easy to read and as symbolic as possible.

The ideal illustration of a thing should be able to speak without words and on many levels, and this is exactly my final goal – beside understanding deeply the concept of the client. The trick is the connection between the look and the meaning behind it. It’s a miraculous thing to find the balance between function and aesthetics. I think a good brief and some trust is enough to start with.

As a designer for me it’s easier to be inspired by smaller businesses and enthusiastic writers/artists than bigger corporations. My ideal projects give me the opportunity to be part of a bigger creative process, to work on something that hopefully makes influence on others just like I have been influenced by the great masters of the past.